Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A Sad Weekend

Left to Right: Spicy, Morgan and Rum
As those of you who have read my blurb will know, I am a big animal lover.  I have been a vegetarian since I was about 11 years old and as a big grown up girl, there is nothing I like better than talking to my own little Guinea Pigs. 

Our Guinea Pigs live in the hall, under a big-old oak side dresser.  Every morning they meep hello (and "where's my breakfast") and each time you come in through the front door, they give you happy welcome home (and "did you bring anything back for me") squeaks.

Morgan and Rum
They love being outside in their run out in the back garden too and will scamper up to you enthusiastically when you go out to see them.

They are an affectionate bunch, highly characterful and very soft little creatures.  Much more endearing than you might imagine and animals which deserve a lot more care and attention from their owners than they usually get. 

You might be wondering why I have pet Guinea Pigs at all?  Well, I was denied a pet as a child (a brief spell of gold fish just doesn't count!); we can't afford a dog (all those vet's bills and insurance costs, never mind the food!); JW hates cats; we weren't sure about a house rabbit; reptiles are a no-go; and I don't think caging birds is acceptable.  So, there you have it: Guinea Pigs it is.

Rum and Me
We have had our piggles for nearly six years.  And this weekend our little Rum pig died.  I haven't had a pet from a baby to the end of their life before, and to be honest, I have just found it heart-breaking.  You wouldn't believe you could cry so much over such a small animal. 

It is easy to see why many people feel the need to believe that there is something after death.  As the body that is left behind feels so very empty and it is hard to accept that they are gone.  It would be much easier to imagine that Rum is running about in a sun warmed meadow, rather than being, well, no-where.  But, I take comfort from the happy years we had together and from the fact that he is no longer suffering.  He was a super-sweet, super-soft pig and I am so very glad to have known him.

So to all of you lovely pet-owners out there; do give your animal-friend an extra big hug today if you can, take a video of them when they're happy and healthy and be extra kind to them.  You will be so glad of it when the sad day comes and they are no longer with you.


  1. oh I'm so sorry to hear that! Guinea pigs are such cute little things (I once shared a flat with people who kept guinea pigs) and we have thought of keeping them too! I think we'd probably go for a rabbit again though when we next get a pet.... Give your remaining guinea pigs an extra big hug!

    1. Thank you :) I agree House Rabbits are lovely pets.