Saturday, 8 October 2011

Barber Shop

In order to save even more money I have been flexing my artistic skills in a new direction recently.  I have invested in a pair of hair clippers and have begun to cut my family's hair!  I have been cutting my own hair for about 6 months now.  My hair is relatively easy to cut, being long and straight with a fringe, so I felt that paying £45+, for what was in essence a 15 minute very straight forward haircut was OTT.  I had also become frustrated with not being able to find a hairdresser I really liked in Edinburgh , so last year I bought myself proper hairdressing scissors, a straight blade pair and a thinning pair.  Armed with the correct equipment I watched a couple of videos on YouTube that had been posted by a young American girl with a similar haircut to mine, who demonstrates how to do the various cutting techniques I required.  

Bebexo's videos are quite fun to watch and her confidence is inspiring, as she just isn't nervous about chopping into her hair, which shows how easy it really is.  After watching Bebexo I set about cutting my hair and have been cutting it myself ever since.

Last year we spend £281.92 on haircuts, which included £88.00 on the two pairs of scissors.  £281.92 isn't too bad over all, but as every part of our budget is being scrutinised this year, I decided we could do better.  I also fancied the challenge of cutting my husband's and son's hair, as I was sure I could do it just as well as the barber.  JW was quite happy with the plan as he really likes having his hair kept short and neat and would go to the barber more if it didn't cost so much.  So after quite a bit of research and comments reading on Amazon I bought a Wahl clipper set at the grand total of £38.98.  So my hair cutting kit now looks like this:

My Haircutting Kit
I have cut John's hair twice and my son's once, so we are nearly at cost neutral for the clippers.  One more cut each and we will be saving money.  The haircuts have gone pretty well and JW gave me instructions as to what the barber usually does to help me along.  Luckily my 16 year-old son is very unconcerned about his image, so cutting his hair is a no pressure exercise (don't worry, no pudding bowls were involved).  I would 100% recommend the Wahl Super Taper Hair Clippers, as they are really easy to use and don't pull any hairs like cheaper clippers do.  The other bonus is that all our hair clippings can go on the compost heap, rather than in the hairdresser's bin!

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